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  • Rocky Point Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What happens if I cancel my reservation?
    A. You have up to 20 working days before your expected arrival date to cancel your reservation after that you loose your entire security deposit. There is a $100 processing fee for canceling any confirmed reservation no matter how far in advance.

    Q. Can I use my deposit toward my rental?
    A. No, your deposit is separate and cannot be used toward your rentals.

    Q. When will I get my deposit back?
    A. In about 1 or 2 weeks after your rental.

    Q. Why do you hold my deposit?
    A. We hold your deposit to check damages and any missing items.

    Q. What do I need to bring for my vacation?
    A. You will need your own towels, Sunscreen, Coffee, Coolers, Camera/Film, Beach Towels, Charcoal, Frisbee.

    Q. How long does it take to get to Puerto Penasco?
    A. About 4 hours from Phoenix or Tucson.

    Q. Do I need permits, Visas or a passport to enter Rocky Point?
    A. You don’t need anything but a drivers license to enter Puerto PeƱasco since it is in the free zone. Although, you will need a passport or passport card to return to the United States from Mexico.

    Q. Do we need insurance.
    A. Yes, we suggest you use “Mexican Insurance Center” (Chris Taylor). 1-800-404-1088

    Q. How much Alcohol & Shrimp can we bring back to the U.S.?
    A. 1 liter of Alcohol per adult or 5 kilos of Fish or Shrimp.

    Q. What if we have car trouble on the highway?
    A. Mexico has traveling mechanics called “Angels Verdes” (Green Angels) that will help motorists in distress. They drive green and white pickup trucks.